We help independent artists expand their audience by distributing their music directly into prison kiosks and promoting their albums in our unique and valued magazine.​
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JPay Music Kiosks

Unlock revenue with a brand new audience​

You’ve already created the music. Now let’s quickly make it available to an untapped market of over 2 million people. How? We partner with the largest DSPs like JPay, Securus, GTL, and Corrlinks (Federal Prisons) to get your music into the systems for you. Skip the frustration, guides, and costly mistakes.

We’ll get your songs directly into prison and county jail kiosks and make them available for purchase nationwide.

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Expand Your Fan Base

Get the word out about your album by being featured in INDULTA Magazine of New Thought. Think of us as Instagram for the prison system. Our influential and motivational prison publication delivers monthly to more than 500 correctional facilities in 43 states and reaches over 1 million readers.

Indulta makes your marketing dollars go further and gives your music much-needed exposure in an untapped market without begging and fighting to get placement on a playlist.



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I wanna drop a album on J-Pay or cash app …. Like I used to sell my shit in the street im not tryna get paid a dollar every 1000 streams lol who made that up tf   [View Tweet]

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There is no comparison when comparing streaming services like Spotify, apple music, youtube music, and social media streams to prison technology like JPay.

In prison, music is king—over 250 million dollars are generated yearly from music sales alone. There are no streaming services because there is no wifi, so the prisoner has to download your music onto their tablet from the JPay kiosk. You earn money per sale and download. Singles sell on JPay for $1.99.

Let us do the math:

  • If your song streams 1,000 times on Spotify, you get $2-$4
  • If your song is downloaded 1,000 times on JPay, you get $2,000. 


This is what @MeekMiil means when he tweeted, 

“I wanna drop a album on jaypay or cash app …. Like I used to sell my shit in the street im not tryna get paid a dollar every 1000 streams lol who made that up tf”

There are 2.4 million people locked up in the United States. Why not get your music in front of that audience and make some serious money?

We use our magazine for the promotion of your album. Magazines are the life line to society for inmates. It’s how they keep in touch with the world. You have to understand that prisoners do not have internet and social media access. We know it’s been a long time since you picked up a magazine, and that’s because you have a phone in your hand. Prisoners do not have that same luxury.

Buying advertising in our magazine pays for itself. 

Let us explain how: INDULTA Magazine gets your album in front of over 1 million readers that BUY songs. 96% of the prison population buy music. Nowhere in the world can you get that type of value in a promotion. When inmates see your album in the magazine, they go to the kiosk and type your name and song into it. JPay allows them a 30-sec preview of each piece before they buy. If they are feeling it, they buy it and tell other people. When one inmate receives the magazine, all his friends see him with it. So now they want to borrow the magazine after him. On average, it is shared with 5 – 10 others. That means more eyes per magazine will see your advertisement. Inmates are also constantly transferred from one facility to another. Again, the magazine and your music ad move with the person, and more people will get to see your ad at the new facility. We built this magazine tough for the prison industry. INDULTA magazines are made of waterproof stock paper and are tear-resistant. Virgil Hare, an ex-prisoner, founded INDULTA Magazine. He knows precisely what the population wants. The magazine is so good that after shipping over 1 million magazines, there has NEVER been an issue thrown in the trash. INDULTA Magazine outsells Time, People, Nat Geo, GQ, Ink, Paper, and The Source combined.  Please read our testimonials on our Indulta magazine  Instagram page. A letter a fan wrote us

We are working with State and Federal correction systems, so getting music on the kiosk is a slow manual process. We usually see music appear on the JPay kiosk within 14-30 days. However, we’ve seen it as fast as two days.

Corrilinks updates its music catalog once a month, the week of the 17th, and anyone promising seven days is misleading you.

Even if you have songs released, you can still release them on JPay.

If your songs are not on the kiosk within 14 business days, you can request a full refund. No questions asked.

We pay out monthly using Paypal, Wire, Ach or Cashapp.

You will receive a monthly payout but it may take 60-90 days before you see your first royalty statement after your release is live on the kiosks.

We collect all royalties for you, and you receive Receive 80% of the Royalties of publishing royalties collected from your music.

No. They did a few years ago. JPay has a new music distributor and contract.

No. prisonkiosk.net sells you an outdated guide. We have a copy of the guide and will share it with you free of charge. Contact Us for it.

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